Pear Analytics: Twitter most commonly used for “pointless babble”
According to a recent study by marketing intelligence firm Pear Analytics, the most common use for Twitter is for "pointless babble," followed by conversations between people; with the third most-used purpose of Twitter being "pass-along value" - as tweets become re-tweets (RT)!

The two-week study - supposedly following an argument between Pear Analytics' employees about the purposes for which Twitter is actually being used - sampled 200 random tweets per day from the US; thereby reaching a total of 2,000 tweets sampled.

Statistically speaking, the study revealed that while almost 40 percent of the tweets were about some "pointless babble"; 37 percent were parts of conversations; and 12 percent comprised re-tweets or "pass along value." Furthermore, nearly 5 percent of the tweets pertained to self-promotion; and 3 percent each were related to news and spam.

Saying that Pear Analytics "will be conducting this same study every quarter to identify other trends in usage," CEO Ryan Kelly added that the firm was interested in noticing whether there would be a change in use of the popular microblogging site for news, or will it continue to be a source of personal messages.

Though the report said it had not expected the "conversational category would be as high as it was, or self-promotion to be as low as it was," it stopped short of making any predictions for future Twitter usage.

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